Yelp gets made fun of

I am glad I am in a rural area, where people just do not care about Yelp.

What’s funny is “Yelp reached out to the restaurant and alerted the owners that it is against site protocol to pay for reviews or to offer discounts to anyone who writes reviews.” yet Yelp themselves want to be paid to show good reviews.

Ironic, isn’t it.

Criminal is more like it.

And I signed up anyway.

Have you ever done an internet search about Yelp? The complaints about Yelp from businesses are plenty.

Oh I know. I just took them up on their free listing. I also created a “coupon” just to see how effective it is. If you search “thermal home inspection Bonsall”, I think I come up #1. Not bad for the new guy. I’m constantly tweaking my SEO, and adding my info to sites like Yelp. But only the free listing.

Good, I was concerned you did join.
It is very good to go to each directory and get your website listed. Google seems to like that.