Yes Power is on. To Kill you

hmmm Is there a problem…
Conductors are HOT!!

Did I mention the service panels are a little incomplete…
70 AMP twin breaker with a 12 AWG UF cable on the inside with ground copper wire connected via “white” wire to buss…:shock:

So whats the problem with a 5 finger discount.

Just inform your client the electric bill is not going to be sent. :slight_smile:

Did you place your tongue on the conductors?

Yes, I approached with extended tongue in a circular fashion for maximum engagement / entry in to the meter socket thereby engaging the maximum current flow and receiving an immense shock. The resulting explosion removed my shoes and socks… In essesce knocking my socks …and shoes off. :wink:

I just got back from the U.S. Virgin Islands and found this on a building in busy downtown St. Maarten…

Nice place for the kids to play near!