Yesterdays Inspection.. Is it a deer?

I found this gem yesterday! I’m no hunter, so is it a deer? I’m sure you hunters can tell by the jaw and teeth.


The neighors claimed that the owners of the home slaughtered cows in the garage of this home. It was an attached garage in a beautiful split foyer home. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a cow skull. But I might be wrong.

No cow. Looks like deer.

I have a deer skull with antlers above my couch and it looks very similar to that. I would say depending on the size that most likely it’s a deer.


I think it is a Jackalope. Most can be found (dead bodies or skulls) sitting next to the dreaded and dangerous snipe!

Jimmy Hoffa :slight_smile:

Hi to all,

I agree with John looks like a Jackalope to me, thats a very rare find :wink:



Here’s another Jackalope…it was shot in the northern Michigan area. Like Gerry said, they are a rare find so that’s why I took a picture of it.


2007010902 086.jpg

I know a “goat sucker” when I see one !! :smiley: