Yet another electrical question...

Hello to all,

I hope you can help me with this electrical question. This is a modular home built in 2001. As you can see this panel is missing knockouts, but that is not my only problem.

This is the only service panel (main panel) that this house has? There was no sub panel. Is it normal for modulars to not have a sub-panel?

Also 100 amp with an A/C unit? Help!



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A modular home is simply a style of construction used to construct a house. Regardless of the type of construction, there are not enough circuit breakers in that panel to supply a house full of appliances, HVAC, and receptacles, etc.

There must be another panel somewhere in the house.

Understood Blaine,

But I looked through the entire house 3 times. That is mostly what baffles me!

It looks more like a manufactured home than a modular. Are you sure about this?

A house can only have one service (main) panel. That is where the service disconnect is located.

I agree with Blaine that there doesn’t appear to be enough circuits to support the needs of a house - manufactured or modular. It’s likely that an interior panel was hidden behind a picture or other hanging-fixture.


Where was the meter?

I stand corrected Jeff, it is manufactured.
It was not occupied–Looked everywhere! This one really has me bugged.

Was this house on a crawl, by chance? More than once, in fact many times, I’ve found them in the crawl. When the manufactured home builder wires a home for a basement plan, they let the panel hang in the basement area by the home runs. The temporarily attach it to the underside of the floor joists during transportation. If a house that was intended for a basement foundation ends up on a crawl, it’s often not relocated and left bolted upside down to the bottoms of the floor joists. Just one possibility.

There’s a panel in this home someplace. Follow that second PVC pipe to whereever it goes. Typical upstairs locations are in the master bedroom and the laundry room. They can get pretty creative with how they’re disguised.

I’d be curious to see the panel with the dead front removed. Are there leads from other circuts dangling without breakers?

I have almost always found the service panel in the master bedroom of manufactured homes. Older ones have them in closets sometimes. The panels are almost always neatly hidden behind molding and paneling.

Very good post I have found the panel in a manfactured home but always on a basement No basement I wonder would I have looked .
You can be sure I will if I ever see one .
We get very few of these in Canada.
Thanks . Roy Cooke

I think we got ya covered on the phone greg…need anything else just give me a call.