Yet another four point question

For those of you that do four point and wind mitigation inspections, I would appreciate some clarification. On NACHI wind mit training it states “roofs that are metal pan/standing seam or insulated metal panel patio/carport roofing system and not continuously connected to the main roofing system shout NOT be reported” that I understand, my question is, does the same apply for the four point?

The 4PT doesn’t care how it’s attached. Just add slope pics and you’re done.

The is for your reply @rparmer and that’s what I’ve always done. Only problem with that is most of those metal panel patio/carport roofs never have a permit or anything like that. So when adding them as a secondary roof on the report I have to simply guess most of the time how old they are. So I was just wondering how other do it.

I re-read your post. If it’s not attached to the structure don’t go out of your way to add any pics of it and don’t mention it on the 4-Point. If the carport is just in the pics then so be it. It’s for the owner to argue coverage if something happens to it. Excuse my confusion.

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