Yet another high-ranking employee of the child raping terrorist group resigns.

Hey Nick am I allowed to quote from the same source as you ?

**The priesthood is being cast as the refuge of pederasts. In fact, priests seem to abuse children at the same rate as everyone else.

*Guess you are just anti Catholic but too afraid to say anything about Baptists,Jews ,Hindus or Muslims.

*Funny how it is always acceptable to rant on the perceived majority but not the minorities.My theory is it is like in sports where you always want to root against the winners and create some sort of parity.

Bob, are you missing the point that these are **priest **that are raping children, thoroughly f*cking up the rest of their lives?

You don’t believe that they should be held to a somewhat higher standard?

You don’t believe that them being a child of God, that they should repent and admit to what they did and are doing instead of hiding the facts and moving the priest to other states to continue letting them rape more innocent children, ruin more lives?

Same thing with police, if they are breaking the law they should be held to a higher standard simply because they are being paid to prevent crime.

The Priests shouldn’t be held to a higher standard, they should just be held any standard.

That’s the whole problem with Benedict. He let them skirt justice.

  1. When I said resigned, I was referring to the UK Cardinal, not Benedict. That was the original point of the thread. The UK Cardinal did not resign, but merely chose not to go to the conclave.

  2. Benedict did resign, but for health reasons.

  3. Pedophilia is no more prevailant in the Catholic Church than in the general population or in other faith traditions.

  4. What is different in the Catholic Church is the celebacy issue. What happens is many homosexual men, being believers, don’t want to perform homosexual acts and see the Church as a refuge, where they will not be tempted. This was highlighted at Mundelin Seminary, years ago, when they had a big scandal.

  5. Also, what happens is not, strictly, pedophilia. Pedophilia is defined as someone older than 16 going after pre-pubecent children. Most opf what the Priests do is go after mid to late pubecent boys. This is like homosexual men going after 16 and 17 year old girls. And it is almost exclusively homosexual. I see the problem more as a homosexual issue than a pedophile issue.

Hope this clarifys.

But he DID resign. A simple fact that you are obfuscating.

Will, how many priests were moved to another parish when it was discovered they were abusing children?

The hierarchy of RCC was complicit in their crimes from my perspective.

Many priest WERE transfered, in the past, but that policy was changed about 5 years ago. Thus we are seeing more and more criminal procecutions. But, keep in mind the scandals that broke out at day care centers during the same period. Most of those day care scandals turned out to be false.

With regards to the UK Cardinal, please see this article, from the UK.

The problem is not so much what actually happened, but what was alleged to have happened. One has to remember that there are many people out there, from the left, secular world, who do not like the RCC because of its biblically driven opposition to gay marriage, abortion, not ordaining women, etc. The left has always had the tactic of slandering the other side, especially the church (all Christian denominations) when they don’t have anything of substance to argue with. The RRC, being the largest, organized and hierarchial religious group, has always been a big target.

The left’s biggest tactic is to claim hypocracy, while at the same time ignoring their own lack of coherent principles. They just want what they want (free, no strings attached sex, homosexuality, pornography, disintigration of the family, welfare states, etc) and believe that the ends always justify the means. When an organization, like the RRC, refuses to change their principles, they become the biggest target.

Look at the news coverage, when the lefty media covers the upcoming Papal Conclave like it was a down-and-dirty presidental election. They don’t see the difference and believe that anyone can be bought or bullied to their agenda. The RRC is not a political party or a secular government, it is an institute of G-d. Sure, it is run by men and men are fallable and make mistakes. When it does, the non-religious point to the hypocracy as an attempt to discredit and demonize.

In the end, G-d is sovern and His will be done. I have enough trouble with my own little life, so I can’t even try to be critical of an organization that is so much more important than I am.

Hope this helps;

Will, the UK cardinal resigned and not only chose to not attend the convocation.

Every damn one of the abusing priest belongs in prison with bubba. Do you agree?

Cameron sticks to his guns and re-claims:

Will corrects Cameron and writes in post #24:

Cameron, note. Do you now agree that Will and I are arguing over whether the cardinal resigned, not the pope. Or are you still of the false belief that Will is talking about the pope, and that I am being “tricky” by citing articles about the cardinal resigning?

I hear there is a Canadian in line for the pope job. Cant wait to see the plaid Robe and lumber jack boots Do i hear Hockey Night In Canada being broad cast through the Vatican yard. Wine will be changed to Beer. Wow a lot of changes are coming.
BTW anyone covering up or defending wrong doing to Kids should be Prosecuted . But that wouldnt leave to many choices for Them.

It was more exciting when it looked like you were being a slick debater. Yes, I agree, you two were disagreeing over the cardinal and not the pope. Now it’s just a boring misquote in #9. Ho-hum.

And Will, this is not a left or right issue. While I agree with much of what you said, and and it very well may be politically motivated, in the end there is no distinction between pedophiles or homosexual priests touching young boys.

If they committed those acts, they committed crimes. Settlements, which have been a significant portion of the Catholic Church’s reaction, should not even be on the table. Criminal justice system should sort it out. If someone is falsely accused, the RCC should not pay for that person to avoid persecution. The RCC should also get with the times and institute controls and policies to keep their priests above reproach.

The issue here is the seeming hypocracy of the RCC. The fact is that many of these chicken hawks were simply transferred and their deeds buried.

I am RC and I am outraged at how the church chose to handle these things.

That being said, the Pope is the spiritual and administrative leader of one of the single largest institutions iin the world today. The RCC is the largest single health care provider there is in the world. They are also the largest private landholder.

Statistically, RC priests who are pedophiles are no higher than with any other organized religion. In my neck of the woods, the number of Hasssidic or Orthadox men (including Rabbis) who are guilty of similar atrocities to children is equally repulsive.

A family member was sexually abused by a priest over many years. His tormentor came to dinner with the family on a weekly basis. It wrecked his life, so yes I understand the outrage and it is justified.

But, it is unwise to throw the baby out with the bathwater. One must also look at the good done by the RCC. It is not all bad.

I also reject the premise of them being a terrorist organization. this is bogus and does not warrant an intelligent response.

As to Pope Benedict’s resignation, it was for legitimate health reasons, and I applaud him for having the balls to do what no other Pope in the past 600 years did.

He is in poor health, and felt he could no longer effectively represent the Vatican and do his work. He spoke of this with John Paul II, so this is nothing new. The current Pope is not a politician and is uncomfortable on the World stage. One on one, he is much more personable and is said to be genuine.

How refreshing that a person who heads one of the largest organizations in the world has the humility to recognize his own faults and weaknesses.

As to priests who are pedophiles belonging in jail, I agree.

But to fail to recognize that the RCC is the fodderr of many a tasteless joke, or being in the crosshairs of other orgs with agendas is piss poor.

I don’t know but it seems there is a lot
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I think it may be rampant

Wow it isn’t just the Catholics that are busy

LOL. OK. Thank you. I’ll see what I can do about the “ho-hum” in my next post.

Maybe an honorable Muslim country will pull together enough funding and technology to get one of those Obama-style “double-tap” drones (that strike, then return in 10 minutes to kill the first responders) and turn it loose on the terrorist organization’s headquarters in Rome. Now that’s a drone I’d be in favor of.

This group has reigned down terror on good people (particularly women and young boys) for centuries. I say take out their U.S. cells too… just remove the stained glass windows first. :wink:

Nope they are busy too.

Too bad we can’t get the catholic org and NAMBLA to go to war against each other. Then we could fund both sides in an effort to protect children.

Before you are allowed to post please state which spagetti monster you pray to then throw the first stone.

Spinless to throw rocks from the dark.

What God do you bow to ?
Just curious.

Wont happen duel membership there.:wink: