Yet Another Scam

Greg Rumsey <>
3:44 PM (1 hour ago)


Am with Crenshaw Group Of Companies and we will like you to quote on ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers with the following specs.

Type – ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers Size – 5 lbs
Wall mounted brackets
Quantity : 120

I would like you to send me an email response with the picked up price for this type and if you don’t have this type available email me with the type you have available. Kindly respond to me as soon as possible for us to proceed further with the order.

Best Regards

My first response below in red his responses will be in black:


$200 a piece delivered. Let me know how you would like to pay and when you would like to place your order. Have a great day.

Thank You,

Michael J. Meeker

Meeker Industries, Inc.

His response:

Thanks for your service, And am okay with that. I will appreciate if you contact a Freight Company called Aquarius Int Shipping Co Ltd (Door to Door service) . (they would be picking the units from your shop and shipping them out) the freight company would handle all of that paperwork.

Contact Details for the Recommended Shipping Company
1.Carrier Name : Aquarius Int Shipping Co Ltd
2.Contact Name : Capt. Vladimir (Int Ship Manager ).
3.Email Address:

Information Needed to Provide Freight Charges:
1.Full pick up location address
2.Size and quantity/weight of the order to be picked up
3.Shipping Or Delivery address

The delivery address is below:
Tekniikantie 12 , Innopoli 1, 02150 ESPOO

Email me back with the total cost of the Order plus the shipping Cost so that I can Provide my Credit card for the charges to be billed on. Waiting.

**So I send him this response in red:

Greg I am sorry but my warehouse manager gave me the incorrect price as that was for the 2.5 lb extinguishers without the brackets. The 5 lb are $450 but include all the hardware and mounting brackets. We can ship quickly. Sorry for the misunderstanding mark just read the wrong line item he is getting up there and his eyes are not what they used to be :slight_smile:

He Responded right away below:

Greg Rumsey
4:38 PM (37 minutes ago)

to me
Okay contact the shippers and get me quotation.

These Fire Extinguishers go for around $60.00 I believe :roll:

And of course it is going to a CHURCH in Finland or somewhere.

I love messing with these fools. The more you charge them the more they can rip you off so Price Never Matters.

It is a shame nothing can be done to stop this crap. Also why would they ask a General Contractor and Home Inspector / Consultant for this?

So! What?
Me personaly I don’t give a rats a*ss.
Why do you care? Are you so friggin’ bored you have to post something?
Just messin’ with you Brother.
However, I don’t give it any value at all. I get calls like that everyday.

Yes I am currently that bored in between raising these 3 little Hell kittens :slight_smile:

It is fun to frouck with them. I mean they could be convincing if they acted like real people instead of idiots who will pay anything. I think that is how most get taken they hit the scammers with a super high number because it looks like a pain in the *** and then OH MY they are ok with it so they loose their mind and think they are going to rip someone off basically and get took themselves.

I get about 10+ a week like this just hit junk email and they go to garbage and their email goes to not excepted … To easy