Yet more technology (this is cool)

If you have a digital voice recorder throw it out.
What you are about to get is the next big thing for gadjets.
Imagine if you could talk into your cell phone and send yourself an E-Mail with serial numbers from that furnace you are looking at.
Imagine being able to send an E_Mail with a voice recoding even though there is no web connection.
Imagine dictating to your blog as you drive.
How much you ask!
Another tip from the caveman.

oh… enjoy

You say free but in small print it says standard text message rates applies…You may wind up with a huge cell bill

Very cool bob. That could come in handy instead of pulling over to type out an email response on my phone, I could actually keep driving!

Mike, I think they are talking about the text messages your own phone company charges you. So if you dictate a text message and send it to yourself, you still need to take care of your phone company. Luckily I have unlimited text messages :smiley:

When they create a phone that will send me free money, call me.

You can accept paypal over your phone as payment for an inspection (including via credit card), is that close enough?

Hey I cant wait to try it for notes on the job.
It is like having a secretary.
(good idea Dominic)
This is new stuff and we already got some input for uses.Any more?

John, Didn’t you get yours? Nick sent them out a week ago. Oh wait, they only went to the West Coast. Sorry.