Yo! Bob Elliott!!

Heads up dude! Your “Pole Cam” is now outdated! Check this out and get back to us!!!


Very fun, but at 1890 x 1200 my video cam is a better image and throwing that thing 3 stories up may be much more difficult than my present method of raising the stick.:slight_smile:


This reminds so much of you Bob! http://youtu.be/k8ns8bT0OFU

Interesting timing as one of my upcoming drafts for blogging next week is on apps.
I will be sure to send you a link.

My biggest issue with apps is the lack of hard drive space to store them as the can not be stored on your SD card so I figure writting about them now will help me remember all those I forced to delete.

Just promise to read it on your phone.:twisted:

Bob are you sleepingwith your phone?

Last night at a Halloween party I caught my self checking the phone right in the middle of a conversation with a lovely young lady.

Perhaps I need intervention.

I also had an opportunity to drive a Jaguar with peddle to the metal for the first time also yesterday (G forces were amazing) yet earlier in the day I downloaded a new app and got more of a thrill from it . (Yikes)
Ironic is the app is called “National Acceleration”](https://market.android.com/details?id=com.kludgenics.android.notes&feature=search_result) which is a “Simple Note” add on.

There’s anAppfor that. :mrgreen:

Very cool.
Maybe I can learn to stop checking emails from my ladder.

Just took a call for a Tuesday booking and looked up the address,caller Id and set in my calendar on my phone while typing this.
I need help.

Here you go.

Thanks Kevin
I will check that out in the morning.

waiting for the lawsuit from rolling along the floor of some underage hotties at the mall

You need to explain that one.

If he has to explain… you’re too old! :shock::wink:

Guys don’t usually wear dresses at the mall.:p:p

Bob shop’s at Celtic Mall’s I hear. :shock::wink:

Part Irish,German,French,English, Canadian and two tribes American Indian.


I haven’t seen Bob since he grew his beard.

Hey stop looking up my skirt will ya, guy.

I’m gonna put a camera on my pole and have a look.:stuck_out_tongue: