Yo, Florida HIs!

I just got back from my daily 4 mile walk. It’s freezing up here.

Somebody invite me down to speak. Please.

You are invited! Get out of the cold.

Have you submitted your Law and Disorder Class to DBPR for approval for continuing ed. yet?

Steve -

I have not. In fact, until I put “DBPR” into a search engine [take that, Google!], I did not even know what DBPR was.

After 4 years of doing so, I am soooooo tired of dealing with the nitwit bureaucrats that populate state agencies that I refuse to go through the brain damage required to get the seminar approved by 50 different jurisdictions.

After having terminated with extreme prejudice over 150 claims against home inspectors, I don’t believe that I have anything else to prove to the HI community. The truth is: If you’re a home inspector and you don’t want to spend whatever your chapter charges to have me speak to its membership, you are more than likely too stupid to be a home inspector.

WHEN you do make it down look me up and I will take you Flats Fishing. That is if you fish.

Attorney Ferry writes:

Been there, done that… over 600 times www.nachi.org/education.htm

I’m pretty “brain damaged” by now.

LOL! I hear ya. All non-members are too stupid to inspect IMHO. If you can’t recognize the over obvious value proposition in www.nachi.org/benefits.htm , how are you going to recognize defects on an inspection?

I have attended your class and certainly know that it is valuable for all home inspectors. (with or without State approval for CEUs). Even so, it would be even more valuable with state approved CEUs. You could likely attract a much larger group of attendees with the approval. You could likely attract the newly grandfathered in contractors that are passing as home inspectors now. They- certainly could benefit from your class. Perhaps you could have your class ride along with NACHI’s approved state education provider license. - May be worth checking into- for what its worth

You don’t want to be here in NW Florida right now. Cold, wet and raining. It has been drizzling all day with get into the 20s tonight and stay cold the rest of the week. I know it isn’t snow but I think I would rather have snow than wet, freezing sleet and rain…with wind. Besides, you would probably want to whip someone’s butt if you showed up here and found weather worse than where you are at now. We might have to come up with a later date when the weather is nice here and still like crap up above “the line”.

Chris -


I am not a fisherman, sad to say. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I grew up in the asphalt jungle of North Philadelphia. A small minority - < 5% - of neighbors fished, an activity that engendered much eye rolling. You want fish? Go to the fish market, an emporium to which my mother gave her patronage every Friday. We were industrial strength Catholics.

A couple of my childhood friends did fish. They were immigrants from Croatia and, to judge solely from the tales that they told on their return, I got the impression that this was an activity that a first-generation Irish kid was not likely to enjoy.

I did eventually catch a fish. In Ireland. In a body of water on land belonging to my cousin in Donegal, Ireland. It was about 4" in length. Two things I could not believe about that experience: 1. the fight that that tiny fish put up; 2. that my cousin’s husband did not throw it back.

Joe you are now on the list for the Next Florida Insurance Inspectors Chapter meeting. We just need a host. I think it may be unfair to hold another in Melbourne. What city would you like to go to?

Send me the info on your class and I can work on having FL DBPR approve it.

I have cousins in Donegal and all my family is in Philly!

Now why would an HI in FL want to help them out like this? Be greedy, keep Joe to ourselves!

Joe’s course is OUTSTANDING “The Best”. You owe it to yourself to try to attend one.
Joe’s it’s been freezing here in the Daytona area as well. Although anything below 60 is freezing to me now. Just returned from New Jersey, now that was cold.
Send me your fee schedule.

I took Joe’s class many years ago in PA. (I believe I attended his very first offering of the class.)
It was a tremendous class. I learned a great deal.

What I learned, I quickly and fully implemented into my inspection business.
I learned how to protect my business, and therefore had freedom in making money.

You don’t know what you don’t know. And when it comes to protecting your business, you need to be ‘in the know.’

Ya know?


That’s a thought. Maybe one of the Chapters will work on that.

John - Email me your contact info and I will send it to you.

Keep it up North to the West (Panhandle) so we can attend!! :slight_smile:

Helloooooo. We’re getting 10 to 15" here!!

Nick invited everyone else down to the meeting…Damn Joe, guess we know where you are on the pecking order…:wink:

10 to 15" of what!??? :stuck_out_tongue:

10 to 15" is not good for surfing! :stuck_out_tongue: