York age please

Can anyone tell me the age and specs (AFU/etc) for a York electric furnace:
Model No. G+HC048A…Ser. No. MCTS116732.


You guys know you can just type into google “york serial number” and get this


I looked at it wrong some how 1987

Is that what you were looking for?


Thanks for the link JJ. I did not know that it existed.

There is one pdf(that I should save) that always comes up when I search for a brand name and serial number. It is a long list of of companies and the serial numbers broken down. Ill see if I can find it. Did you find the specs for it? I think i found them but I am not sure.

Here is another good resource http://www.buildingcenter.org/content/hvac-production-dateage

I’ll never understand why companies like York do not simply put the date of manufacture in plain simple english, like Rheem, Ruud, Trane, etc.

Heck, even sorry-*** Goodman products are very easy to get the dates.:stuck_out_tongue: