You all gotta check out this new, cool inspection franchise site.

Dee Willis?…:smiley:


Uh oh, Amerispec and Pillar to Post might as well just plywood up the windows now.

I hope so…:smiley:

Thank you Dale. This is just a taste of what I am working on there is a lot more to add to it. I am open to any suggestions and criticism.

That is really good Dee!..:smiley:

I would suggest you put me on the Board of Directors Deanna.:smiley:

Brian, I do not think you want to work for me or be on my Board of
Directors :twisted:

That’s awesome Dee. Very cool!

You’re a little entrepeneur also eh? :wink:

I learn from the best :wink:

On the page that asks for your CC number, it doesn’t say how much it costs or what is being charged on the card.

I think people won’t want to blindly turn in a cc number when they don’t know what the charge is. What is the cost?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

5,500 is the cost for everything. Right now I have a monthly charge on there but I am going to be taking that off. You will have to pay a monthly fee for the reporting software and thats it.

I am working on the cc page tonight.

Cool, thanks Dee. :slight_smile:

Energizer Bunny.

Yeah, I know, I know, it was a sexist remark. :roll:

Sokay, seems to be one of my new nicknames as well.:roll:

Have you thought of offering a monthly payment plan for this instead of the chunk payment? It might be easier for some people to get into it.

May I offer a suggestion. (I hope I do not offend)

It struck me as odd that there is a picture on the front
page of an Inspectors Franchise site that shows what looks
like the REALTOR explaining the HOUSE specs to the CLIENT.

What is wrong with this picture?

Is Deanna a Home Inspector? Can she lead a national
organization of home inspectors? Forgive me for asking
the obvious. Does this add confidence to the NACHI image
when a NACHI secretary becomes the instant leader of a
nation wide inspection franchise? Can we say “shake and

Am I missing something?


After a quick read of your “About GRI” page I counted 4 grammatical errors and 2 spelling errors. I also noted some others on other pages. I do not intend this as criticism, but if you want to portray the company as a national inspection franchise its web pages should be free of these errors. Call me if you want to go over them.


Good luck with your project!!!

I know luck has nothing to do with it,“THE HARDER I WORK THE LUCKIER I GET”

What is guaranteed?

If nothing is then is the name miss leading