You all have Uber for me to get from IAH to the Convention, right?

Otherwise I’ll rent a car.

We Have Uber, but it looks like IAH is over 100 miles from the convention center. I’m thinking renting a car would be the best option.

Rent car will be best option.


Don’t y’all still have some conestoga wagons/horses down there?

Why rent a car. Just rent a horse! This is Texas after all.

There were a couple of ranchers up here (in Allen actually) who took their horses through one of the local Starbucks drive-throughs.

Media loved it … City officials not so much.

City officials said the younger generation (I guess millienials) would not take so well with having horses use their car’s driving lanes.

Declared it a safety hazard.

Well hell. Next time you visit I’ll pick you up and chauffeur you.