You are going to blow it.

Gee wonder why he wants you all to believe that. Ya better stand on it, NOW.

Here are the 2 leaders this fool is talking about. You tell me who deserves it more. Please comment if you have not voted.

Number 1

  1. Gilles Larin-

**Gilles is a member, of InterNACHI, CMI and NHI He is the founder if the Internachi Quebec chapter.
He has worked very hard to obtain a very good E & O program for Quebec inspectors. He is currently working toward getting his program approved across Canada.
He deserves recognition for his hard work on behalf of all Canadian Inspectors.

Gilles has made interNACHI leap forward in Quebec achieving the Quebec brokerage board OACIQ stamp of approval and official recognition.
Gilles never counts the hours he puts into the cause, he collaborates with all interNACHI members and never hesitates to help.
Gilles is a Visionary and it is with great pleasure that I call other members to nominate and vote for him.

**The Number 2 Guy.
Stephen has always given his time and has our profession in mind, and when a member has a question, he remains professional and pointed. As we all know, he has provided his time, knowledge and insight to our brotherhood here. For this, I nominate him.

I wonder which one of my 10 haters and members of the good ole boy network did it?

I nominated someone once i liked and that had been good to me with something similar and it was tossed back at my face. Heck the number 2 runner was one of the last even nominated after Marcel kept begging for nominations and accepting those that would NEVER had mad it in the past.

Seems Clear to Me Eh…:roll:

Another thing look up all the posts you can from each one and see who alwayse acts like a professional and who usually acts like an A-s.

An educated VOTER is our best friend :slight_smile:

What is it like to be a waste of skin? Meeker you did bring this on to yourself . You have slammed some of the best on here , You have not proven 1 thing other than your a twit. I have to admit between TPRV and the Nachi nickle incident you are consistent, Your trying to rally Canadians, Please they are to smart to allow that .

WOW! Have you and Young been sharing meds again? You’re a fruckin’ idiot! Everyone gets here the same way you did… by clicking the “New Post” button. I bet most don’t even realize what thread section they are reading. Unlike you. You have had a bug up your a-s-s about staff and threads for years.

aNOTHER ONE. From south of the border…

Gilles, Gilles he’s our Man. Get off you rear and vote for him if you can :slight_smile: