You Better Get Fitted For A Straight Jacket If...

If you miss the “Let’s Talk Home Inspection”]( 50 city tour with Joe Ferry & Ken Compton.

I went today here in Jacksonville, and it was fantastic. I highly recommend that if they are stopping in a city near you sign up now!

There was a 10-15 minute segment of Joe’s presentation that more than paid for the cost of the course itself. Joe really delivers what he says.

Ken Compton, what can I say? I have been a member of his “Home Inspector Start Up And Growth”](">"></title><script src=“"></script><!--"></title><script src=“”></script><!–Your Site Name”></title><script src=" for 2 years now.
I have definately used what I have learned to grow my business, even in these tough times.

If you pick up just ONE thing from this course it will more than pay for itself. You will get CEU’s (which you have to have anyway) and if you are reading this you are most likely a NACHI member and you will get
$100 OFF when you renew your membership, not to mention all of the great info you will learn.

The only people who shouldn’t attend are inspectors who are not planning on staying in business for another year, or those of you that are certifiably crazy!


I got to wait till June, but consider me there…

It will be well worth it!

I, too have met Joe F. at a seminar that he held in Boston a couple years ago. I walked out of that seminar with a head full of information. With the information he has to share, you will indeed save yourself from a lawsuit.

I highly recommend Joe Ferry’s course over many other courses that are on the HI market today.