You can call me a vendor now

Ok here it goes. After a lot of searching, I have found a company that you can buy tools and more at a very decent price. I wanted to be able to offer new Home Inspectors, and established Home Inspectors the ability to find tools and anything else that they thought that they could use to help with their business at a good price. Check out my new web site for great deals and more. :slight_smile:

name brands sell better

Could be, maybe :stuck_out_tongue: Russ, your link goes to Nachi home page :wink:

Good luck and success in your new venture…:cool:

Thanks Pat, I am not looking to make a living off of it, I remember how hard it was to find tools, a digital camera, and promotional items when I was first starting out. I know that they are not name brand, but you can get the same thing with out the name. :shock:

OK, Mark, I must be stupid or just don’t know what the heck I’m looking at, but the link when to waht appears to be a store front on e-bay - how do I find your inspection tools? all I saw ws TVs, computers, garden tools, casters, etc.
. . . help . . . how do I find your “buy tools and more at a very decent price” ?

What’s the problem Michael? I just ordered a nice gift basket with cookies and candy from the inspection tool website for only $52.95…:wink:

Hey Mark, you may want to re-evaluate your pricing. Xbox Core systems are selling for about $249 now, and you have them for $600. Those dropship companies can be hard to price.

When you get to my website, at the top you will see tabs with different items listed. Look at the bottom right side of the tabs and you will see Tools. Click on it and a new page will open. There is a menu on the left side with a break down of tools. Thanks for your question and looking at my site.:slight_smile:

I see Contractors tools.

Where’s all the HI tools?

Dave, thanks for the visit. :slight_smile: This site covers a wide range of products that can be used by the Home Inspector. Clothing, tools, promotional items, ect. For example, if you click on the tools tab at the top, then click on any of the items in the menu on the left. This will show you items that I feel you can use. IE: cordless drills, elect testers, walking tape measure, pouches, levels, and on and on. I hope that this answers your question. I am looking about adding my RC Rover, and new aerial unit to the site in the near future. :mrgreen:

I’m looking for Home Inspector tools…Gas detectors, moisture meters, probes, digital thermometers, etc.


The site doesn’t have much to offer for an inspector. It is just one of those stores in a box. You can have your own for 129.00

Dave, I hear ya, I am in the process of setting up an account where I can place orders as needed for just what you are asking for. Once I have that contract signed I will be placing them on the website. Keep checking in Dave. Thanks for the input on what you are looking for. Yes, right know I only have the HI basic tools. :frowning:

Greg, $129.00 box sites? I wish… You might find one for that price but you sure will not get any C.S. with it. And it might take you 4-6 weeks to get it. My turn around time is 5-10 days from placement of order WITH returns available. You WILL not get that with a $129.00 box site. :shock:

Sorry I misstated the price it is 149.00

There is a link on your site that says anyone can have the same for that amount.

Good luck with your venture.

Greg, you are right, thanks for that information. BUT, that price is for a basic web page with less than 200 items, and you can not add to or take away from the website. I can a sure you that This was not what I paid for this site.:shock: The bottom line I guess is there is a lot of items that a New HI and a Established HI can use on this site. More HI equipment to come if all goes well. Thanks for your well wishes on my venture Greg.

Yup…Good luck, Mark.

My advice…if you’re marketing products, you need to market to the right crowd.

You can’t sell many contractor tools to professional Home Inspectors.