You gotta love local codes

House from today, city code requires at minimum a 3’ x 3’ foot deck at all new construction.

You have got to be kidding. :mrgreen:

Codes are the minimum:D:D

And the developers trying to meet Code are the crooks that take your money and give you the minimum.
How much more would it have cost to have done a decent landing with steps to grade? They still got paid the full amount and gave you the minimum. :slight_smile:

What are you going to do!!! LOL

Not buy it until commen sense prevails. :slight_smile:

That is truly a FUBAR installation.

Thanks for the laugh! :smiley:

that is utterly ridiculous, where do you put the grille when standing out there?:roll:

I guess you’ve got to get a Foreman. :wink:

Put the grill on the ground reeeeeal close to the house. You can stand on the deck and reach the grill. It also adds texture to that bland siding.

Guys… Chris is in Godfrey, IL… they don’t bbq there… they Rotisserie !!!




grilling out.jpg

You need to send that picture to the local paper along with the section of the code…

Hate to spoil the fun but, the buyer probably plans to have his own deck installed so they just did what was needed to get a CO.

I inspect lots of new homes and have some clients that say “don’t worry about the flooring and paint, its all going to be redone before we move in”.

I asked a few workers that were finishing up what they were going to do with the “deck”, they said, what do you mean? there’s a bunch of them like that in this development.

I said you could have at least installed steps, you have no rear exit. “Well this is what the city of (”****) requires".

Then he added “you know it will get ripped off as soon as they move in”.

What a waste of time and money. The AHJ should be shot.

I agree with that Bruce. But IMO it’s still a waste of time and money.

A more realistic “code” would require steps at sliding door to grade, which is what I normally see, when there isn’t a full size deck or concrete pad, from this large tract developer who builds all over this bi-state area.

Well at least they left a nice sink-hole, right under it…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a “smokers porch”. No one smokes in their brand new home, at least the first few months anyway. The sink hole is where you toss the butts.

you put the grill on the “deck” and can grilll in the rain and not get wet, lol