You gotta love the attitude

So as there is a discussion regarding a new WA State law regarding energy audits that is being discussed, the subject of IR cameras came up. This was the response from a home inspector that purchased a BCAM SD and has taken no training, received no certifications and doesn’t charge extra for using the camera. I guess the $5k he spent for a “tool” was just write off. :roll:

Ive been using a flir camera for 6 years now,… no special certification is needed,… point it at the interior walls / ceilings find cold spots, confirm the spot is wet with a moisture meter and move on. The B.S. that you need to spend thousands of dollars to be “certified” to use a tool is crap. Blue is cold, red is hot. I learned that in first grade. Whats so difficult in deciphering hot and cold images on a camera? Yes,… you have to confirm things and in that a little common sense is all you need.

well I had to throw money at like 5 different companies to get a license to operate EPERMS for radon… device testing, calibration, membership of this and that, license fees… I open a canister, I close a canister. couldnt be easier.

It’s ashamed he didn’t make it to second grade!:wink: