You guys seen this before?

It looks like some sort of repair of the roof system??? Thanks.

It’s a hidden beam. They likley removed a bearing wall during a remodel. Recommend verifying permits, inspections and qualified engineer design, otherwise engineer review.

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We called them STRONGBACKS. It could be a repair or original to the house.

I agree w/Chuck…get documentation or engineer.

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VEEERY helpful. Thank you Chuck and Larry!

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We used the strongbacks in at least two ways:

  1. to get a flatter ceiling using less than quality, relatively straight, ceiling joists.

  2. to span a longer ceiling joist distance using smaller, than usual, dimensional ceiling joists.

I worked with my uncles on their farms quite a bit.
One uncle worked for Ma Bell and would bring home all sorts of threaded rod, nuts and washers and the like.

Thanks Larry. This is very helpful. Great background.

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