You have got to be kidding - Check out this email


No other association in the world compares with NACHI’s benefits. I welcome his comparison charts…


What a nut.

First, 10% off isn’t a member benefit… it’s a sales pitch. Benefits are FREE.

Second, most of the deals offered by vendors in are NACHI EXCLUSIVES.

Third, nearly all of are NACHI member EXCLUSIVES… non-members can’t get them.

Fourth, many of the NACHI EXCLUSIVES aren’t even listed on our page… you have to find them on this message board.

And fifth, if Scott knew how many more benefits we’re working on to add to our list in 2007 (nearly doubling the number of benefits in the next 12 months, without raising dues), and again… all NACHI EXCLUSIVES… he’d wet his pants.

ASHI should have a contest with themselves between their entrance requirement department and their member benefit department to see which department comes up with one first. Currently the score is all tied at zero to zero.