You have to wonder

You have to wonder what does, what I can’t see look like?

Cabin built 2003, outside disconnect, this is the main distribution panel.
Weekend rental cabin, NO GFCI’s on garden tub and outside spa.

This was built just before “code” enforcement came to area. Not that it is much better now.




Not sure what the special issues with the panel pictures are. They’re pretty small. I don’t happen to see any issues that are particularly more dramatic than what you probably see every day.

You are correct, not anything that we don’t see everyday.

I sometimes wonder what the electrician is thinking when he does this kind of work.

Neutrals - grounds on same lug, both busses mixed, not isolated and equipment not properly wired in home.

BTW re-sized the pics, sorry not the best ones I ever took.

That wasn’t a violation until recently

not a violation if this is the service panel

not a violation if this is the service panel

that’s a genuine issue.

Please help me understand “both busses mixed” - I’m not sure I see what that means.

well…considering it appears to be SER feeding this panel as i do see RED trace on one of the conductors. I will assume this is a “Remote Distribution Panel” and would need the Grounded Conductors isolated.
I wont get into the what ifs…I dont have time for it…be specific next time to as if this is the main service disconnection panel or a remote distribution panel “Sub-Panel”
Why convex it into what ifs…if a Sub-Panel then improperly wired.

So all in all, they need GFCI’s at exterior tub and spa.

A typical find, IMO.