You know you are home inspector when...

When you make a State gas water heater with pex water lines out of Legos with your kid :slight_smile:

Where’s the drip leg? Also, PEX must be 18" from the heater…

Dude like closer! The sediment trap is there. There is copper for the first 18". :slight_smile: I got this :slight_smile:

For your next project…how about a Lennox High Efficiency furnace? :mrgreen:

Where’s the vent?

It’s the black thing in the back with draft hood looking thing. I guess it’s not as good as it looks in my mind haha.

Ha! Right.

How about “Rotate Right” my neck hurts. LOL:)

Here you go Marcel…

Oh, got it - yellow = copper :mrgreen:

Yep! We didn’t have copper colored Legos.

Look next to the temp control. There’s even a sight glass!

Hey, thanks Jeff.

That is pretty good job Juan. :):wink:

very nice

Any High Efficiency furnace he could build with Legos would be better than what Lennox can build… :wink:

Too funny!

Bahahahaha ! :mrgreen:

What’s the gallon capacity for that thing? Looks way too small. 30g? (grams or gallons?)

Nice. I know I’m a home inspector because my wife tells me to stop pointing out stuff wrong in other folks houses (our friends an family). I can’t turn it off.

You guys know when you go use the bathroom, you instinctively see if the toilet is loose. Or have a quick look at the roof on the way in…

I have a problem with Stop signs, just sayin’. :wink:

I hate to be a deal killer, but the drip leg is missing…:|.)

Really, Nice Job!!

Too funny, Mike. I do it at restaurants, banks, everywhere. Drives my wife nuts! :mrgreen: