You know you're going to have a fun inspection,...

When the first thing you see is something like this on a recent re-model. :mrgreen: I was early and went up to knock on the door to introduce myself to the owners, looked up at the porch light and said, Oh geeez :roll:

nwcc 014.jpg

Peter, what else in the home looked as good as this or better. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


At least the wire is stapled…I think a bent over nail would be more fitting…


I found alot more sub standard electrical along with sub standard (amature) plumbing repair. That porch light was great forshadowing of the rest of the home.

You just have to love the combination of HGTV/DiY Network, Home Depot/Lowe’s and no mechanical ability in a homeowner. It reminds me of the movie A Christmas Story where the father constantly is going into the basement to do battle with the furnace. And the best part - “How can you write that up, I did it all myself!” Growing up I was lucky, because we never had any HVAC problems that weren’t fixed post haste. Of course, my dad just happens to be a HVAC Service Tech. :roll: :roll: