You many never run into one of these on an inspection, but in case you do....

This is what it is:

Awesome product for you Americans who are too fat and lazy to use a dust pan.

Why say that? It is part of the in house vacuum system. Just another port. Nice upgrade.

We have had this one for 15= years part of our central vac system , Works great .


very nice

Next time I see one that’s what I’ll tell my clients.:roll:

I love whole house vacs. But I didn’t think the one in the video is attached to the whole house vac, it has it’s own bag you have to change.

The house’s I have seen them in, those people were anything but fat and lazy. Mostly $800,000 homes on up had them.

Humankind is doomed.

You might be on to something. When you can sit on your couch and control everything from your phone, from your thermostat, to knowing what’s in your refrigerator, to starting your car.