You missed the last one...

…don’t miss this evening’s “Druid Extravaganza”!!!

On Jan 1st (1/1/11) we had a great time,

but this date–1/11/11–has all the earmarks of a great mystic confrontation.

Madame Gazonga and her wide-screen crystal ball, with Hi-def digital, will surely be the hit of the evening…along with a sing-along led by Past Master Boyan Gregan who last died in 1308.

Of course, cookies and milk will be served.

Did you practice your Qi Gong exercises? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not only practiced it…I bent a large spoon–and then straightened it out.

Got a headache from it all.

But, Oh! What a time we had! Mrs Zilanghou, from Romania, slipped on her Oreos, and…

Well, it was quite a sight when she landed on her…ah…shew stone and we had to pry it out from between her…uh…buttocks. Took four men and two mules.

Druids don’t share your Superstitious Beliefs Jae. ;):smiley:

Probably get a better turn out by serving punch & pie.

Way back when…we couldn’t figure out how those damned stones were supposed be placed, so we just left them where they were.

(Sure 'nuff has been interesting all these years watching all the archaeologists going crazy trying to figure out the thing.)

After we left the stones un-hinged (I guess that’s where the name Stone Hinge came from) we ran across some people from Romania traveling through. We joined with them and adopted a lot of their ways.

So now we got new superstitions and traditions.

A lot more profitable, too…if we can find a good vacant storefront.