You need more than just some paint

Yeterday afternoon’s inspection. Moisture found on wall/ceiling of foyer (roof leak). Someone tried to cover it up with some paint. Notice the paint rolls in the thermal image.

Funny :slight_smile:



Just a thought, Keith;

Could it bet that the wall was painted within the last 24 hours?

I, regularly, see condos that are near completion and have similar thermal signatures. When I come back (a couple of days later and after a rain) the anomoly is gone.

Remember, drying paint is cooler.

If this is not the case, please disregard this.

BTW: Permission to use this image?

Great pic. any signs of leak on the exterior?

Hey Will,

I guess seeing just the thermal image you could possible come to this conclusion, but this was very obvious and moisture damage was evident. In addition, my moisture meter pegged through the roof.

This leak migrated down the wall all the way into the basement. I’ve attached the control image (from my IR camera) and a digital image.

You can use the pic if you like :slight_smile:




Fine. No slam intended, just doing due dilegence.

I got messed up, early on, with new condos, where they just painted. So I tend to be cautious.


How about this mess up.

5000 plus sf house, very high end. Started finding these random wet areas at exterior wall baseboards and some on the perpendicular walls sort of in the corner. Thenfound a shower leak. But the homeowner who was following around was really concerned about the wall moisture. And it was wet, as in, I stuck my fingers down in the carpet and they came out wet.

Could not figure it out. Hadn’t rained lately and I only ran the sprinklers briefly. We were both stumped.

Then I went upstairs and found the same thing and thought of company truck I saw drive off as I drove up.

Guesses as to what it was?

I’ll take Stanley Stemer for $100.00 :cool:

Pressure spray siding cleaning

Nope. I win. Terminix.

The spray was random enough, either it had dried in most places or they were pretty inconsistant about their application, that it seemed like a possible real anomaly. It was a pretty well built house and I just could not figure it out. It was also one where the client was following me around so I had to comment before I really decided what I was seeing. When I found it upstairs, where there were no seams in the brick along the second story floor, it cliked that I has seen a Terminix truck driving out of the street as I turned in and I asked the client. Sure enough, they had been at his house.

Like I said, there was still an upstairs shower leak, so I still got to have a nice and legitimate IR find.