You never know what you will see

I do not get surprised anymore when I go on inspections.

Is there a problem here?..:slight_smile:

Now that’s funny!


What no counter flashing? I’m appalled!! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation:mrgreen:

OMG!! As a valley girl might say! :wink:

Can I use that image for my next realtor talk?

Lol that is a good one!

Don’t worry honey you can keep your windows when I build the new garage.

Are those bedroom windows?

Now that is FRIGGEN FUNNY! Lets see I am sure if I did it this way, these windows will be fine and allow for a easy Egress escape route … LOL

Incredible. My vote for defect of the year.

This has to be one of those “the rest of the story” photos.