You want it where...

how’s this for placement?

Permanent step stool ???

Did you try your Marilyn Monroe impersonation while looking in the panel?:stuck_out_tongue:


They must have 9 foot tall meter readers in that neighborhood.


It **is **Texas !!! :mrgreen:

I guess. You’ll know when the meter reader stops by, since you’ll be able to make out the deep bass voice saying, “Ho-ho-ho” and a chorus following up with “Green Giant”.


I see your compressor, and raise you one shrub :mrgreen:



and everyone is a critic!!:wink:

what’s so bad?

Nope, wore shorts as usual, feelin’ fresh as a daisy, though. Thanks for askin’

No, Ho-ho-ho here

Raise you a unique bond (only one anywhere onsite, I felt safe) and a fried leg, 82 more as bad or worse…better fold. We’ll play another time. I had me some fun today.

Throw a Coleman (canned ham) in front of it and you have a nifty set of steps to get to it.

Speaking of placement …

“Recently Renovated” - Panel located in small closet. :roll:


Looks like someone try to advoid using the outdoor disconnecton switch due they ran it all the way around the house { the code do allowed this way and they will useally have restriction once they go in the house}

Now for small closet ., if this is a clothe closet then you got major issue with it.

Don’t be suprised what some of the homeowner do with closet they will fill it up to brim and can’t find the { fill in blank } breaker box.,


Heres one I saw the other day…

It’s small, and yes it is definitely a problem. :wink:


Now I did see the photo Now that is major issue there.

• This is a cloth closet now that is major no-no { in old days it used to be allowed however., not anymore }

• Closet shelfing ., That is other major issue there and it will cause additional damge to order get in the load center.

You will have to make a note that the breaker box will have to be relocated at diffrent spot in the future.