You'll love the window-boxes!

“You’ll love the whimsical windowboxes on the roof of this cute, low-maintenance rancher.” :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

John Kogel



You are right “I love those window boxes”. :smiley:

The gutter boxes are cute.

While we are on the subject of roof vegetation, how about this inspection I did recently…




Going green has been around for a long time!

David, was this an agricultural inspection, or is that just how you guys do it there!!!LMAO

This is a home located in a desolate wooded area of a very nice city. The homeowner hired me simply to give him a list of items of concern in his home. The roof was the first item of concern and he told me that he knew it needed attention.

I must really be difficult to get a lawn mower up there!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

They’re called “Yankee Window Boxes”.


I see alot of that around here also,

My lawn needs attention too!
Define “attention”

:wink: :shock: #-o

I had a house kind of looked like that when I was single…called it the tree farm…


Did you lose your dictionary?

Sod goes on the ground…Shingles go on the roof! Who was supervising that flip?