Your condition at the moment

I am slightly Buzzed and just had a nice snack. Even a couple of attractive Ladies around :slight_smile: Great Party So Far .:cool:

HUNGRY - but don’t want to miss anything to go get dinner…

Pics or we don’t believe you!

Nice. I have to go get my daughter at the airport so I can’t drink just yet.

Yet is the Key :smiley:

Wife brought me Pizza and Beer so I didn’t have to leave the office. Plus she watches when I have to go. I have the best wife!!!

Who said drinkin’?

High & Dry! no pun intended…

I’m there. Family keep wanting to talk to me. My refresh button hates me.

Bloody Caesers catching up? Good for you!

Mmmmmmmmmmm I wish. I only have 1 to 3 when I have them. Normally a pre-dinner drink for me.