Your input for computer generated inspection reports

I get a ton of E-mail concerning computer generated home inspection reports.
Does anyone have any info on their favorites???

Note NACHI has home inspection Pro. And would asume that being in the business of home inspections, they would have a good program. Any info on computer reports would be appreciated. I am NOT computer savy, so need a “Fool Proof” program.

Is it wise to print out reports at the end of an inspection? Or mull over your inspection and send later?


just look at the MB .

Hi Steven

I found starting out that I needed the extra time to make sure the report is the best I can make it. I use the camera and a voice recorder to do my inspection and then spend 2-3 hrs at home to compile the report. I have Home Guage and Home Inspector Pro. They both have features and benifits that are unique. Download the trial versions from the ones you like and have fun checking them out. Email and call the support lines and see what the response is. Check their message boards for active members and how supportive they are. I plan to move to a tablet as I grow and I know my templates. I will then print onsite.

FYI Any software company can post helpful hints about their product here at NACHI but some choose to lead and not follow. (uh oh)

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**Just search the website. All these sites are listed on this website. There are many discussions regarding onsite reporting. Search the message board. Then again, they may be in the “Members Only” section for a reason. If you are serious, join now and reap the benefits.

Software and Reporting Forms**

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Thanks for your input. I am with you on mulling over the inspection, then writing it up. Having been in the home improvement/repair business, I NEVER gave a bid on sight, but b ack at the office, crunched numbers, then called the client. Think the same can hold true with home inspections, make notes, double check back at the office, then give a fu;; and comprehensive report!!

Many inspectors on this board have their favorite software. You should download or request a trial cd from them and perform an inspection on your own home. Call them along the way for support or help. Then choose the one that works best for you.

I like and the name of it has a nice ring too :smiley: .

Can you say “HOME GAUGE” all the way.


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Recently switched from InspectVue to Homegauge.

I like Horizon and reporthost.

Steve, I like yourself have been a contractor for many years, I researched many software programs and decided on Home Gauge.

This is a program you can load and feel right at home with immediately and if you run into a snag, their tech support is unbeatable.

Good luck!