Your livelihood due to membership association in jeoprady in Ontario

Nick and George,

Please feel free to use items in Post 14 above in your retort.

Just to set the record straight.
Some Directors of CAHPI/OAHI and the National Certification try to say I am against them.
This is far from the truth .
What I am against is these directors do not follow their own rules and do there best to destroy NACHi and insult NACHI and its members .
NACHI and its members do more for the Home inspectors ( in my openion) then all other associations put together.
NACHI allows CAHPI/OAHI come into our home to spared their propaganda, and get upset when they are shown how closed mind they are.
They completely ignored NACHI at the Toronto Conference. NACHI has in all cases been more then fair allowing them complete use of our BB and giving free memberships to some.
When they have needed Posts made and information given out I did this many times for them .
Please do not think I am against the OAHI or CAHPI membership , not in the least they have many great inspectors and have helped me many times over the years.
Some of the Directors have spread and continue to spread false information and do their best to try and destroy NACHI and this is far from fair.

… Cookie

Hey Roy I saw this poster and thought of you.
Hope you get a bang out of it! :mrgreen: :smiley:


My kind of people .
My son bought me the arm service flag and Now I am putting up a flag pole to honour our soldiers.
I have one Son in law now in the service 29 years one son and one son inlaw retired all over 20 years .
I also have two grad children in the service.
This is service town and Am doing an inspection tomorrow for a armed service person .
I will work any Sunday for these people and do frequently.

… Cookie

God bless our troops!

ASTTBC is the association for Technology Professionals in British Columbia. Registration with ASTTBC is now considered a critical element in the career of technologists, technicians and technical specialists. Business, industry and government recognize our credentials as key indicators of competence and quality.
The Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia has a mandate under provincial legislation to… maintain, improve and increase the knowledge, ability, and competence of members of the Association; regulate standards of training and practice of and for its members, and to protect the interests of the public; and to establish and maintain standards of ethics among members.
By setting and maintaining standards of excellence, we foster a culture of professionalism that benefits registrants, employers and their clients, and the public.

In Alberta it is The Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of Alberta.
Hence A.Sc.T. = Applied Science Technologist.
Three years full time education at an accredited technical collage
Two years internship under a professional engineer, architect etc.
Pass a supervised exam on Workers compensation and ASTTC ethics
It out ranks any RHI HI CMI etc.
The code of ethics for the professional engineers and technologists is going to be the same and wiil mandated by legislation in the next session of Alberta Ledg.


Does The Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of Alberta have a sub class designation for home inspectors like ASTTBC?


In Ontario there is a reciprocal agreement between OAHI and OACETT for membership. Interesting to connect the dots.


Yes anyone in OAHI can apply for Associate Member status in OACETT, without any formal entry requirements being needed. From there you can apply to one of the disciplines they cover, but I don’t think they have a designation of home inspector, or maybe they do or will.

Agreed - but here is another link and things are subject to change

More interesting is the ACT.

Only 6%? That sucks! :wink:

No, not that I know of, but the Alberta government has signed a reciprocal agreement with BC that recognizes each others credentials.
Thus the CHI would be recognized here. So maybe ASET will have to do the same. Who knows?

… and that leads to another question … do you think with licencing on the horizon that CAHPI-National is going to trump a provinicially enacted association? I don’t. As long as CAHPI-National remains a voluntary, self regulating Act it is powerless and has no teeth. Home inspections and other licenced trades are provincial matters, and thats were the buck stops. :wink: