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Hello! My name is Jennifer and I need every ones opinion! I currently work for a Radon mitigation and testing service. I was curious if as a home inspector (especially in Indiana), whether or not there is interest in a radon service that would charge approx 50$ to test at the home and give the results (processed in our lab) with in 72 hours. This would alleviate the inspectors involvement of dealing with the test. As a home inspector, if you charged 125 dollars for the radon testing, you would be up 75 dollars. Yes I realize this is not huge amounts of money, however if you do five Radon tests a week then you would be up 375 for doing nothing but offering the service. Additionally if we offered a mold testing component for and additional charge, would it be beneficial? Would you be interested in this service? I would appreciate any response at all…good or bad! :smiley:
Thank You

Which states will you offer this service in?

Regardless of if you do the actual work, if we offer the service to the clients and something goes wrong, we would be named in a lawsuit.

If your offering your services to NACHI members you should contact Nick at NACHI and sign up as a vender. Also post your certification and your lab certification along with your insurance coverage.

And join

I think some would find your services very helpful. Those who are not certified, or who don’t want to have to deal with the certifications and paperwork would find it particularly helpful.

However, you are competing against some other organizations such as Radalink who may offer some similar services.

Those who are certified, and/or have their own equipment will probably continue offering their own services instead. (For example, charge $125.00 and keep most of it.)

Hope that helps.