your own home

I bought my house about one year before becoming an inspector. Well needless to say I didnt get a inspection because I knew what I wanted to look for and blah blah blah…im a idiot (back then)

Well after getting my schooling done and all, you start looking at your own house. Well my fuse box is bad, dbls and triple taps,cant see if its bonded or grounded correctly, s-traps in plumbing, cut the top of the floor joist in the middle span (sistered joist) because mister plumber needed room for the drain. This was all done by the handy real estate agent that I bought the house from. This was about 4 years ago.

Today I found water dripping from the trim around my kitchen window!! I go outside and theres water dripping from my soffit. I take the soffit off and theres plywood under the soffit…common for a 47yr old house, but they had vented soffit vents on it…so I assumed there would venting,or better than the 3/4 inch hole they drilled every 12 inches. So I cut the hole bigger so I could look in there and darnit you could see water dripping through the roof decking about 2-3 ft up. There is ice daming but i didnt think it would get that bad. So needless to say another project to do. Makes me wonder what kind of shody work they did roofing,tar paper,frost paper??? Im starting to wonder…

But this is why I became a inspector, to help people. Too many hg tv people out there. So what have you guys found with your own homes?

p.s If I cant do it correctly, I am hiring a professional.

I found a spent fuel pool in my crawl.

I found a “small” vertical crack in my poured foundtion wall (new construction) and ignored it as it slowly grew larger over the years. Finally took 7 piers to correct at my expense… young and dumb!!!