'You're right to question $18,000 for mold job', got MOLD?

Rooney Tunes,

In part it goes… homeowner calls a basement waterproofing MORON and the NITWIT salesman tells homeowners it’ll be $18,000 to clean the mold and install… YEP loool an interior basement scamball system.

In his response, the 6th paragraph, where he says he saw some mold on some drywall etc BUTT, where he could see part of the block foundation walls, they were not water stained or weeping… and? So?

That doesn’t mean he can give a green light and think/say that there are NO problems, no leaks in the block walls, that’s nonsense, incompetent.

Just because HE or anyone else does NOT see any water stains on block walls and didn’t see any water seeping from them doesn’t mean that homeowner or any other doesn’t have 1+ exterior cracks in 1+ of the block walls
Video inside basement, block walls. Well duhhh, there was NO water SEEPING IN the day I shot the video and weren’t water stains on the visible walls, just like Rooney Tunes said

Here’s the PROBLEMS and lone solution, on the outside of the block walls

What was behind this drywall Rooney? There was no visible water weeping anywhere here either, not the day I shot the stupid photos… that doesn’t mean shtt
http://picasaweb.google.com/101049034584960315932/BasementWaterproofing25 click the photos to ENLARGE the photos
Not only does one find mold but they also find the actual problems, the water source and how to fix it, duh.

Photo album, some mold on block wall (there was paneling up) BUTT, no water seeping in…so? That means zilch baby.
Photos 3,4,5 mold… no water in basement that day.

Other photos, exterior cracks in block walls, most were not visible on the inside There’s only 1 way to STOP the water from entering these exterior cracks and other exterior openings that allowed water in and CAUSED the dang mold, exterior waterproofing.

Keep up the mostly good thoughts Rooney Tunes, just remember you are not an expert on block walls, on basement waterproofing, got milk?