Yuor advise please

The first Photo is the first service panel for the residence. there is another panel off the service poll more then 100 yards away and not in view of the first panel. 2AWG wire with no Breakers in the first panel:shock:.

Next 2 photos show the interior secondary panel. with multi taps on the 100amp breakers. :shock:

Should this not require the first panel on the residence to be service with proper breakers before distribution to the secondary interior panel?

There are so many issue with these panels but I wanted to call out for correction in the first panel.






I would venture a guess but those connections in the junction box (1st photo) are not code compliant. Under all of that tape is likely a split bolt connector which is almost never rated for more than two conductors. The twisted mess in the 2nd and 3rd photo’s is definitely a violation. We could start with NEC 310.4. I would also throw in 110.14(A).

conductors installed in parallel must be of the same length, size, type completely, no double tapping to that breaker which is back feed and unsecured. I can’t see the frount part of the service, but it looks like the unqualified installer tapped a feeder which is a problem in itself. What is the load? You need to get that guy to a defferent job! As an elec. inspector, I’d turn it down (failed, failed…) I hope the customer can get a refund. Yea right.

Glory to God

Thanks for the conformation guys…