Zefon Dc Pump For Sale

The Zefon Z-Lite IAQ DC Powered Sampling Pump is a battery powered portable pump designed for IAQ sampling with low backpressure sampling devices such as spore traps at flow rates from 2-20 LPM.
• Easy to use built-in timer
• Buit-in adjustable rotameter flow indicator
• Quick reset to 5 minute Run Time
• Flow Range: 5-20 LPM (low backpressure spore traps, such as Air-O-Cell) & 2-8 LPM (carpet sampling cassettes)
• Suitable for use on low backpressure sampling devices such as spore traps and for carpet sampling.
• Runs approximately 2.5-3 hours per battery charge
• Charger may be used to run the pump on AC Power
• Rechargeable Lead Acid battery pack
• HEPA Filtered Exhaust
• Low Battery Indicator
• Telescoping Sampling Stand that extends to a height of 36”
• Sampling stand can be removed and stored inside the case.
• Quick disconnect on tubing
• Housing Dimensions - 15” L x 9” W x 10.5” H (38cm x 23cm x 27cm)
• Weight - 18.8lbs (8.5kg) (including charger and sampling stand)
Price $275.00
Plus shipping $30.00
New battery 12-8-14
Picture available

When did you buy the pump?

Hi Eric,
In got the pump in 2010. It has a new battery . Used my email and I can send you some picture.I don’t know how to send picture through this form.