Zephon Z-Lite IAQ Pump for sale

Retired Inspector selling Zephon Z-Lite IAQ Pump: $195.00 plus $50.00 shipping. Purchased in 2017, rarely used. Email: benjammin1958@gmail.com Not sure how to send pictures through this format. Please email me for pictures.

Zefon Z-Lite IAQ DC Powered Sampling Pump is a battery powered portable pump designed for IAQ sampling with low backpressure sampling devices such as spore traps at flow rates from 2-20 LPM.


Easy to use built-in timer
Buit-in adjustable rotameter flow indicator![IMG_6093 (Small)|640x480]
Quick reset to 5 minute Run Time
Flow Range: 5-20 LPM (low backpressure spore traps, such as Air-O-Cell) & 2-8 LPM (carpet sampling cassettes)
Suitable for use on low backpressure sampling devices such as spore traps and for carpet sampling.
Runs approximately 2.5-3 hours per battery charge
Charger may be used to run the pump on AC Power
Rechargeable Lead Acid battery pack
HEPA Filtered Exhaust
Low Battery Indicator
Telescoping Sampling Stand that extends to a height of 36”
Sampling stand can be removed and stored inside the case.
Quick disconnect on tubing
Housing Dimensions - 15” L x 9” W x 10.5” H (38cm x 23cm x 27cm)
Weight - 18.8lbs (8.5kg) (including charger and sampling stand)