Zinsco Main Disconnect

Has anyone seen a Zinsco main disconnect like pictured below? It had 2 handles and “On” and “Off” labels top and bottom but with moderate force, it would not pull out. It was wired to two Zinsco subpanels in bedroom closets also pictured below.

Thanks for any insight.






Pull Harder! Probably hasn’t been removed in quite a while but it should come out.

Great, thanks!

It is a fuse box, very old.


Correct, however, I don’t remove fuse blocks during an inspection unless it’s a vacant property.

Me either, I guess I could have made that clearer. I just assumed everyone knew not to pull the main plug on a structure.

I agree, there is rarely a reason to use the main disconnect but it will certainly be helpful for the buyer to know how, and that there are fuses inside that could potentially need to be replaced. Thanks for the input!