Zinsco Panel

Hey Guys
I just thought I would run this by you. I just finished a condo Inspection. The Units were built in the early 1970’s. The service panel was a Zinsco. red Flag right away to me. It did have aluminun bus bars. I did not see any evidence of arcing by the bus bars. I am going to recomend the client have it evaluated. The Panel had a Mfr. date 1972. What do you guys think?

Ya’ done good.

Deferring it is good.

The arcing/contact point burn evidence may not be visible without breaker removal.

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The service panel, or the “sub” panel located inside the unit?

The reason I ask is because (generally) in condo’s, the “service” panel will be multiple meters and individual disconnects for each unit. Also, the cover on this type of equipment shouldn’t be remove during the course of a typical “home inspection.”

Interior mounted Zinsco panel equipment also has a less severe failure rate as opposed to exterior equipment subject to the elements.

Still a good call in either case…

The panel inside the unit
Thanks jeff