Zircon MT6

Is the MT6 still relevant in regards to a WM? Zircon makes other less expensive quality devices that serve the purpose for nail spacing since finding nails it does not have to search 6 inches deep. In the beginning the MT6 had a purpose but since the from revision does that not change the tool requirement as well?

Yes the others suck. I tried them because MT6 is so big. If you do not believe or think you see a good one buy from home depot and if it does not work like your mt6 return it :slight_smile:

MT^\6 is a sorry design but seems to work best.

I have the entry level Zircon with Deep Scan, Cost me $20.00 and works great, I even placed it heads up with someone who I personally know who used a MT6 on his nailing marks and mine beep at each one of his marks. Don’t get me wrong the MT6 is a really good finder, but the entry level one does good for me. MT6 works better for Reinforced Concrete.

FYI, I am not saying going to Harbor Freight and buying a $10 one. No Offense:p

In all reality, how many times do you actually use an MT6. All of the houses that I look at that have hand a wind MIT just have random lines on the truss or rafter. I don’t think I have ever seen a report with one in the pictures. Only from the old MFSH program did I see it being used and the old forms where reinforced masonry had to be verified.

Every Wind Mit. I don’t trust the random slash marks made by a less than professional.

I did not have the same experience but maybe you got a different device. I even think that yours was the one I tried. Heck I may try again as I dislike the mt6 so much.

MT6 on EVERY house I can get into the attic on.

Since I see so many missed nails on reroofs, I can get the spacing visually most of the time :twisted:. For the other roofs, I use the smaller Zircon M40…works great and not so clunky.

I really like my 6. When it beeps I make a line…Mostly!

Getting tired of clunky

This is the one I’ve been eyeing. Since the rebar issue is in the rearview mirror so to speak, I may pick this one up.

or maybe this one…


Been using the Bosch DMD4k for 5 years straight, no issues.

When it comes to tools is usually true that what you pay is what you get

The Bosch is good. Wish Amazon had that deal earlier.

The cheap ones Lowes/Home Depot, keep the receipt.

Some of the lowes stores has a display set up with the entry level ones.
Bring a 2X4 with staples and nails embedded and try 'em. Blah

I like the looks of that Bosch

There is one carrier in our area I don’t know if it writes in your area that gives a credit on reinforced concrete.

That may be so but ever since the form changed, I’ve stopped taking those pictures. Now, if they ask me to, I will.


Good to know Kevin.


Me too Wayne. That’s why I’ve been considering it. I’m losing my hearing in my latter years and I like the glow to that ring it has in the middle. The price is right on Amazon as well. May just pick it up.