Zoe Fackler

I want to give a big shout out to Zoe. Zoe thank you for organizing the proctored exams here in Florida. Good job! Well done!

Thumbs up Zoe!

BRAVO! Well done and thanks for your effort.

thanx Zoe!!! great job!!!

My hat is off to you…Thanks So Much Zoe - your attention to the industry, and your zeal for helping is most appreciated.

Arland Deese
Inspector Bee


Thank you so much!!!

I do not have the words to convey how honored I am…

We ALL work SO hard as Home Inspectors…no one who is NOT in this business knows even the half of how hard we work, nor do they understand how expensive a Home Inspection business is to run.

Well, I DO know. I know every minute we cannot answer our phones, and every minute we are not on the road – is missed revenue. And that means bills do not get paid.

Florida InterNACHI Inspectors –working together by association– will naturally create more accurate and consistent evaluation results to our clients – and more consistent and equitable financial returns.

Home Inspectors serving their neighbors… who have an association such as Florida InterNACHI who serves the Inspector by providing meaningful, pertinent, State approved education, free on-line or reduced classroom cost, and networking with fellow inspectors who will not steal your clients when your sick or need a vacation………….
It doesn’t get any more honest that that.

Thank you Zoe.

I drove along way to participate in your exam last week. It was worth the drive. I appreciate the sacrafices you are making to provide a service to all Florida InterNACHI Inspectors. Keep up the good work.

Thank you,