Zombie Preparedness | CDC

Pfuk Pfizer.

The insanity continues beyond our wildest dreams!

The good news is, these policy makers will all be out of office soon!

Look at these 1 does vaccination rates for people that actually get sick from Covid. The rates are off the charts.

So now, they go after the kids? Unbelievable.

If deer and other wildlife are being sickened, it is probably from all the glyphosate (RoundUp) in the atmosphere. Many of the symptoms of exposure to the chemical are identical to the list of COVID symptoms.

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With or without the vaccine, the lying was made it worse. He is not the 1st professional ball player to lie about his status and he won’t be the last. These guys are young, healthy and do not need the shot. They are sensitive to what they put in their bodies so they are going to be foolish liars. He should have just sat out the season if he had so much conviction. He is a punk who can’t own his truths.

Mr. Williams, you have invested, or repeated lies. And what’s not a deliberate lie is a form of lie: lazy or uncaring repetition of shaky information caring more about the political effect than the truth.

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You are the liar: lying to yourself is at the root of it. Big Pharma has poisoned several generations of Americans with their toxic drugs, useless vaccines, and unnecessary medical procedures. And you are too cowardly to admit your failure to recognize it.

The stats don’t lie But, unfortunately, the paid mercenary statisticians lie like Hell.

Your right if you look in the right places (CDC)

This will not be reported on because of media bias. But normal people do not wish their woes on others. I hope the north fares better than the south.

Is this the “Blue wave”?

Wow, look at how many states look just like FL?

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Brian the irony is that he was under no obligation to get vaccinated. The NFL doesn’t require you to be vaccinated they just have a set rules you must follow if not. So lying about it was the dumbest thing. He should of just owned it from the get go.

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