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And there you have their “control group”: 100,000 people purposely and secretly injected with a placebo.

COVID “Crisis Actors” caught


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Verifiable science matters guy to you wacko cultist.

Patents Prove COVID Fraud and Illegal Dealings

Cousteau was supportive of reducing the worlds population. The world is overpopulated - why is that so hard to understand? Yes, the worlds population should lower.

So who is dying??? The vaxxed or the un vaxxed? Huge difference in #s. Honest question.

Well people are always people dying from many things. my understanding is population control isn’t about killing anyone, it’s mostly about population growth control. Mostly in developing nations. Providing contraception to impoverished areas for people who want it but can’t afford it. Providing help for impoverished areas so families don’t feel the need to have many children to help out with work. Sterilization and abortion for adults who want them.

No one’s talking about culling the herd

Obviously you’ve never studied war as population control, and its effect even on our own population.

Didn’t China just pass a law allowing their citizens to have more children? So are you saying growth needs to be slowed??? Are you saying all the governments in the world are in on this or just some and they are playing the rest as fools???