1-Day Advanced Well Inspection Training at InterNACHI's Colorado House of Horrors on July 25, 2024

Join us for the 1-Day Advanced Well Inspection Training at InterNACHI’s Colorado House of Horrors® on July 25, 2024.

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:mag_right: Master the basics of identifying various well types, understanding groundwater and aquifers, and conducting critical water tests. Gain practical experience with a functional mock-up well system, learning to accurately report well system defects and ensure the safety and quality of well water for your clients.

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This class covers key well development and rehabilitation techniques such as over-pumping, bailing, backwashing, and air-lift pumping. Learn how to effectively remove sediments, prevent sand-locking, and improve well water quality. You’ll also explore advanced methods like hydro-fracturing and air surging, gaining a broad understanding of all available techniques. Equip yourself with the expertise to manage well systems efficiently and ensure safe and clean water for your clients. Plus, earn 8 hours of InterNACHI® continuing education credit, enhancing your professional credentials.

Register today :arrow_right: www.nachi.org/house-of-horrors/colorado-house-horrors