12 hours of practical training; with whom?

Hello I was wondering if someone might direct me towards who does and does not qualify for my initial 12 hours of apprenticeship/in the field training. I found a list of internachi members in my area that CAN be used (the list not the inspectors) but basically I’m trying to figure out if an existing 20 year home inspector would qualify for my needed time before becoming licensed by the state. Thanks in advance to anyone with help or just introductions :slight_smile:

Hello Brock.

It would be helpful if we knew where you are located so that those who know the answer to your question can help you.

If it is simply shadowing an inspector to get experience, you might try to contact a CMI within 50 miles or so of your location. Many inspectors feel like they are training their competition if they train others locally.

Here you can find a list of CMIs around your area: Find a Certified Master Inspector®

Best of luck to you. :smile:

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Thanks Larry! I’m located in Indiana and I guess my question was more of a technical one than a logistical one. (This is the case because internachi has a list of qualified inspectors that will work, however I’m trying to figure out if someone else will work) I’ll cut to the chase, the person I have in mind is ashi certified, and from the little time I’ve spent browsing this forum; those appear to be “fighting words”
Please correct me, as my utmost goal is to stay in best decorum. :slight_smile:

Is he also an InterNACHI member?

If not, ask your question, stating he is only ASHI, to fastreply@InterNACHI.org. :smile:

Thanks again Larry! I will reply here the results of said email!

Great! That will help many inspectors… :smile:


Where did you take your courses through? I only ask because I am in Indiana as well and some online courses satisfy the 12 hours of practical time for the state. Feel free to message me if you need further assistance with anything.

Look for an InterNACHI mentor in your area. If you were in my neck of the woods I would mentor you. You would have your 12 hours in 3 days.
Good luck. Keep us posted!

That’s very generous sir thank you
I took all of my coursework online through internachi…if the screenshot below appears, you’ll see the route I took and what appears to be the prerequisites left.

The following is the response from internachi representative Kenia /

Hello Brock,
You may use any supervisor that is licensed and has at least 5 years of experience; according to the state requirements.
If this inspector meets the requirements, you can shadow him.
If you would like to explore other options, please visit the following link:

Finally, if the instructor you have in mind, would like to become an InterNACHI member; we would be happy to work with him and give him some options on his membership.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)

Can’t help you with he apprenticeship, but here’s some practical advice you won’t learn in school.
Good luck to you.

I know this is late for your question Brock, but maybe it’ll help others from Indiana looking to satisfy their 12 hours of field experience. I also used InterNACHI for the classes, and had a REALLY tough time locating a qualified provider from this list for the practical field experience. I somehow had the thought that any certified master inspector from Indiana with experience would suffice, but that’s not true. They must come from that approved list (note that the one linked there is from 2018; make sure you’re looking at the newest one).

Anyhow, I ended up cold-calling every company on that list, and only 3 of them said they could provide the 12 hours of field experience alone that I needed. (The others only offered the full package of coursework and field experience and would not separate them.) Here are the 3 that offered the 12 hours stand-alone:

  1. All American (also known as ATI)
  2. ICA (Inspection Certification Associates)
  3. Home Inspection Institute (John Satterthwaite)

All 3 varied in price and dates that they provide the service, so choose what works best for you. Hope that helps someone out there!

So which advice is correct then? Is Kenia correct that any supervisor that is licensed and has at least 5 years of experience meets the state requirement or is William Wilkinson correct in saying the inspector must be from an approved list? I am getting close to needing to complete this requirement if anyone could shed more light on this I would greatly appreciate it.

Derik, are you also in Indiana?

According to Indiana Minimum Standards of Competent Performance:

”878 IAC 1-3-2 Prelicensing course requirements Authority: IC 25-20.2-3-8
Affected: IC 25-20.2
Sec. 2. (a) Applicants for licensure must complete no fewer than sixty (60) hours with a minimum of forty (40) hours of classroom training and a minimum of twelve (12) hours of practical experience provided by a board approved prelicensing course provider.”

I don’t know how, but it seems that others are getting around this from what I’ve heard. I would suggest contacting the Indiana Home Inspectors licensing board to get clarification.

Home Inspectors Licensing Board Indiana Professional Licensing Agency 402 West Washington Street, Room W072 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 Phone: (317) 234-3009
Fax: (317) 233-4236 or (317) 233-5559 Email: pla9@pla.in.gov
Website: www.PLA.IN.gov

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Hello Richard,
Thank you for the response. Yes I am in Indiana, Thanks for the contact info I will certainly call for clarification. When you say “others are getting around this” do you mean the 12hrs. training? Or do you mean they are doing the training but with non-board approved course providers? Thank you again for the info.

Yes, I am referring to the 12 hours.

I notice you are from the Ft Wayne area. You wouldn’t happen to be a board approved provider would you ?

Welcome to our forum, Derik!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

No, I am not. I got my 12 hours from an approved provider in Indy, Heartland Home Inspection Training operated by James Sipe @jsipe. He retired and sold the business as far as I know.

If you’re in Fort Wayne area you may try calling Aardvark. I think they have an in-house trainer that is approved

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Thank you again Richard. I appreciate it.

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