127 Degree Hot water temperature

I tested 127 degrees temp. at the kitchen sink
is that too high ? What is the exceptable range ?


yes, it should be below 120 for sure. 100-115 is good for most people.


Be careful at 10 degrees and below. Some one in one of our classes told us that if the water is below 110 degrees, bacteria can grow and possibly cause illness.

The following label was taken off a water heater:

Temperature Time to Produce 2nd & 3rd Settings Degree Burns on Adult Skin

160°F (71°C)
About 1/2 second

150°F (66°C)
About 1-1/2 seconds

140°F (60°C)
Less than 5 seconds

130°F (54°C)
About 30 seconds

120°F (49°C)
More than 5 minutes

80°F (27°C)