14 gauge 20 amp

I was recently told by a licensed electrician, that in Canada at least, 14 gauge copper wire is now rated ok for 20 amp fuses/breakers.

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Are you saying it isn’t true?

What does the CEC say?

What load was the circuit serving? It is possible under the NEC for #14 to serve a load that calls for 30A OCP.

I don’t know about Canada, but there are certain places and circumstances where that is allowable


Not sure about Canada but according to the NEC that general statement is false. The NEC limits the ampacity to 15 amps according to 240.4(D)(3) unless it meets one of the permissions in 240.4(E) or (G) even though at 75° C is rated for 20 amps.

If this is serving electric heat or an AC unit under the CEC you are allowed to use #14 for 20amps and are also permitted to increase the breaker size even more.



If this is a general use circuit than no.

The confusion comes from that the CEC ampacity table was changed, however the increased current rating only applies to special applications.