**19.6% - **The percentage of Tampa Bay homeowners seriously delinquent on their mortgages, a number that rose at the third-fastest rate in the country over the past year, indicating the foreclosure tidal wave isn’t subsiding yet.

Roughly one in five homeowners were either 90-plus days delinquent in their mortgage or in foreclosure as of June 2010, according to an analysis released Tuesday. That’s up from 15.7 percent in June 2009. That rate of growth in Tampa Bay’s foreclosure pipeline trails only Las Vegas and Miami-Fort Lauderdale out of 366 metro areas tracked in the report. The foreclosure-response.org analysis was not encouraging: Nine out of the top 10 and 15 out of the top 25 metro areas with the highest serious delinquency rates in June were in Florida; of the 25 metro areas with the biggest growth in serious delinquency rates over the year, 11 were in Florida; Tampa’s delinquency rate was eighth-highest in the country.** — Jeff Harrington, tampabay.com**

I thought Chairman Obama was supposed to fix all this? It’s been 2 years now!

I’d suggest a little less basketball and trips around the world. Putting someone in his cabinet who has actually held a private sector job is also recommended.

Look at the bright side.

All of the used house salesman who made the 7% commissions by cutting deals and arranging financing for the people who could not afford the homes…get to sell them all over again and make another 7%.

Since maintenance on these homes were deferred long before the mortgage fell into arrears, the contractors disguising themselves as home inspectors in Florida will be able to make a killing as well.

Looks like an unintended stimulus plan for a lucky few…at the expense of an unlucky former homeowner.