1st Dog bit in a while...

Lil bastard(Shephard) got me twice from behind, once on each calf.

That sucks.

I think I would report the incident, as follows:

“Dead dog found stuffed in chimney. Looks as if it has yet to begin to decompose. Recommend that a qualified chimney sweep be hired to remove dog along with creosote build-up.”

I’m sure the owner said “He’s never behaved or done anything like that with anyone before, I don’t know what got into him…”.

check this out

Were you wearing short pants during the inspection? Just wondering…

I hope so.
Long pants is this heat is CRAZY :slight_smile:

You don’t play with even minor dog bites. You go to the doctor, have it checked out and send the bill to the owner. Failure to pay and you file a police report and require the dog to be quarantined. Unfortunately there is no way to test the dog while it is still alive. These days people are cutting back on all sorts of things… vet visits and shots are one of them.

At least as important or maybe even more important, you need to make sure the dog is current on its rabies vacinations. I would contacting the dog control/pound or health department to find out what needs to be done. Nothing to mess around with.

Or more likely… “Well, you must have provoked it”!

I was wearing short pants, as always. I treated the wound with hand sanitizer. No docs/No Cops

I have 2 large breed dogs at home.

Dogs at a Client’s home may react to the scent
of your dogs
on you…

Something to be aware of…

(always carry biscuits and bacon (beggin) strips)

Did you get bit before or after your report ?

Good Man.:smiley:

Hand sanitizer doesn’t do crap for puncture wounds! You need to see a doc asap. Ain’t worth losing a leg or two over, huh?

Sue the owner, the agent, fannie mae, freddie mac, the bank, the broker and anyone else you can find in the yellow pages. you are permanently scarred and can no longer be a male leg model; you can no longer function as a HI due to overwhelming fear of encountering a dog; you can’t sleep or function sexually; your wife is now deprived of companionship; you grind your teeth at night and need long term expensive counseling. any lawyer would take this case on contingency.

ps. if this works, I will start a dog placement service just for nachi members. all dogs will be non-traceable, strays.

Dennis, just stop sticking you legs in dogs mouths. We talked about this before, you really need to stop. :stuck_out_tongue:

In SC, you simply report the incident to local Animal Control. They investigate and take your statement and check out the dog. If they confirm that the animal has current rabies vaccination, it still has to be quarantined for 10 days (this could be at the owner’s home). If no current rabies vaccination, then the animal will have to be quarantined for 30 days (I think). A simple phone call to Animal Control will initiate the process and you should do it…the dog could have gotten in a scrap with a raccoon the night before you arrived! You yourself should get a tetanus shot if you haven’t had one in a while.